“Stung twice a day” by Chad Robert Parker

When I was little I was stung by one bee and that was only because I stepped on a dead bee on the sidewalk when I was walking around bare foot. I don’t envy beekeepers, but I expect they get used to being stung. As an adult there was a time in my life that I got stung my fair share as well.

You would not believe how many wasps nests are on billboards. When I worked on billboards I learned that during the hot season I would need to get used to being bit (my equivalent to being stung), on average, twice a day. A couple cans of spray can take out 100’s of wasps in a day, but inevitably I didn’t have any spray left by the last board or two. Maybe you have seen me running across the top of a billboard I was working on and swatting at my head. Yes, it is exactly what it looks like.

Whenever we posted a sign that read something like “honk if you likeā€¦” we would quickly realize how many people actually do notice us up there working above the roadways. I’m sure several got a good laugh at us running from wasps just as it is depicted in the movies. It wasn’t so funny for me in the moment unless I was seeing my co-worker whacking his own head rather than me, but now that I am far away from that position it is rather hilarious looking back on my own bouts with the bee family.


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