“Stand-in Blind Date” by Chad Robert Parker

A college neighbor frantically knocked on every single guy’s door looking for someone to fill in for his buddy—who dropped out last minute—and go on a blind date. He had promised his girlfriend that he would set her friend up on a double date and did not want to disappoint her, knowing full well his brand new relationship might be on the line. In fact, he had confidently hyped up his ability to arrange this perfect match, so he had to make good.

That’s where I come in. I wasn’t doing anything that night. I thought, why not? Maybe she will be as cute as his girlfriend. Although I knew it was more likely just an opportunity to go have fun. I figured I might as well make it a nice evening for some unsuspecting girl. So I threw on a coat for a hike up a snowy canyon. The guy swore me to secrecy not to tell my date that I wasn’t the guy she thought, but he didn’t have time to tell me much more than that.

She wondered why she knew all about me but I didn’t seem to know anything about her. That made me laugh. We teased our setter-upper that it was his fault. In fact, I used that to get him back. In between snowball fights I waited for him to put his hands in his pockets, and then I gave him a shoestring tackle causing him to face plant in the snow. He knew I got him good when I told him that it was for not telling me anything about my date.

She had them ask me the next day what I thought of her, but she had more chance of her real match coming clean and asking her out.

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