“Quality Check” by Ray (Spanish Fork, Utah)

I once worked in a manufacturing plant which was to be awarded a prestigious “Quality” award by a major company to which we supplied product.  The presentation, by two company vice presidents from this “Fortune 500 Company”, was to happen in a section of our plants warehouse and was to include the plant management and manufacturing employees.  To make it seem more like a meeting room and not like a warehouse we cleared the product out of an area and put up a huge banner on the wall with both companies logos and names along with the name of the “Quality Award”.  We brought in a rostrum complete with a microphone, and speakers, and chairs for the employees to sit on.

The banner arrived about an hour before the visiting companies dignitaries and was quickly hung on the wall. Standing back to admire our work we suddenly noticed to our amazement the supplier of the 15 foot by 30 foot banner had mispelled quality. The whole purpose of the meeting was about our excellent quality and it apeared we couldn’t even spell it. Luckily the supplier of the banner was still in the building and able to pull off the “ila” and reposition it to read “ali”.
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