“It’s a Small World in Memory Land” By Chad Robert Parker

Captain EO, starring Michael Jackson, may have been the first 3D movie I ever saw. I don’t remember the music. I know I loved the special effects typical of a theme park. That always stood out most to me. Going to Disneyland is quite an experience. Every child should go. Even long lines and hot days are worth it. But since I am not much for roller-coasters, most my memories of Disneyland are of the sights, sounds, the food, the characters, the haunted hotels, and nostalgic castles and parades. Is it crazy that I get so sick on the Tea Cups. Oh, and then there was my grandpa’s favorite ride, “It’s a Small World.” We went on that ride countless times. Talk about a tune that can get stuck in your head. I’ve heard of people going crazy when the ride gets them stuck in there. I’m going to have to get back to Disneyland soon and make more memories with my own kids. What’s your best Disneyland story?

Did you know Captain EO is coming back to Disney World’s EPCOT Center?

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