“Have I Lost the Ability to Talk in My Sleep?” By Chad Robert Parker

The other night I woke up from a half sleep with a start. I tried to scream out but all I could muster was a loud letter M. It was like..mmmmmmMMMMMehhhh…or something like that. My wife started laughing and I opened my eyes looking a little disturbed. She asked if I was okay. I smiled.

She was so amused that I think she was kind of hoping to get further response from my asleep state. I was awake, however, but oddly I could not remember what my dream was about. When she asked I opened my mouth to say, but as quickly as I did I could not remember. All I know is I was vaguely conscious of being in and out of sleep and I was thinking someone was going to grab me but that I had limited function to move, and/or to apparently shout out.

My wife was telling me that there was another time I had a conversation with her while she was quite sure I was actually sleeping, but she can’t recall what I was saying.

How about you? Do you talk in your sleep? Share your story. 🙂

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