“Forgettable Birthdays” By Athena Hammer

My boyfriend told us that his family would frequently forget his birthdays or special occasions. Once they even forgot to pick him up from the airport when he came home from study abroad in Japan. I didn’t really believe him that it could be that often or really such special occasions like a birthday. That all changed when we went to visit his family the week that his birthday fell on. He hadn’t seen his family for six months!

The morning of his birthday I wished him Happy Birthday first thing. We spent the day with his family. It was pretty uneventful. The funniest highlight was mailing a birthday card to his brother in Taiwan; his birthday was a few days later.

Shortly before we headed to bed his dad said, “Oh yeah, it’s your birthday today! Happy Birthday, Austin!”

No fears, when we got back to friends and college the next week we all threw him a surprise party and from then on we always believed his stories! That is still one of the most unforgettable birthdays for me!

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