“Double Whammy” by Chad Robert Parker

My church has a fathers and sons campout every year. It is a good time to get out by the campfire and for men and boys to share guy time. Between the hard ground and kids playing through the night the dads don’t expect to get much sleep, but one campout stands out more than all of the others, for the fact that only two people seem to have gotten a good night’s sleep.

The next morning my dad kept asking all the other campers if they had heard those two bears on the far sideĀ of camp. Everyone knew what he was talking about. Two men whose kids knew they were loud snorers told their fathers they had to share a tent. They obliged. In fact, they didn’t seem to notice or mind at all. The cadence was actually rather rhythmic, perfectly in concert with one another. When my dad asked them if they heard the loud grunts of what sounded like a couple bears battling each other through the night, they were the only ones who didn’t know what he was talking about. They said they hadn’t heard a thing.

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