“Would you like some pee with that?” by Alison (Richland, WA)

My disclaimer is that I was young: in first grade I think. It was my turn to help serve food in the cafeteria so I was stationed on a stool with a serving spoon behind the food and the plastic barriers. I was a serious child in some ways and didn’t want to neglect my duty so when I felt the urge to find the bathroom but I knew another class was due in the lunchroom any moment, I stayed. I stayed until the bitter end when the bathroom was then only necessary for hiding instead of using the facilities. I don’t remember anyone mentioning it to me though, except the sweet lunch lady who told me that next time I should just take care of business promptly. Many years later, after I was married, my older sister told me she heard my embarrassing moment from the mouth of the lunch lady herself. Apparently I left a lasting impression.

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