“Who Wears the Pants?” By Chad Robert Parker

When you “go dutch,” it’s difficult to know who wears the pants. Even if responsibility for payment transfers to one person it still isn’t always clear. I found that out when I met someone who will remain anonymous. For me I have at least one thing in common with anyone I meet. I try to focus on that when meeting a wide range in the dating game. Some years ago I befriended a redhead who fit most of the stereotypes. She was forward and fiery. She asked me out on a date.

These days I am told that it is flattering for guys to be asked out. Not so fast. I was skeptical at best of this mixed up approach. You see something has already broken down, and someone is missing the boat, when a girl resorts to that with me. If I were interested I am certain I would not have been shy about asking her out. She had certainly done more than her part to drop hints and flirt and show how she liked my friendly nature. In her case, it was almost coming on too strong, but I’m a gentlemen and took it in stride.

She called me up. I agreed to a date. She chose the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City, a good date stop. I have been there often, for better or worse, before and since with varied success. I responded enthusiastically to her date idea.

Then she asked me what day and time I would pick her up. I guess at this point she was shifting responsibility back to the man. I hadn’t thought about using my gas. I figured we would grab a nearby train. We could each pay for our own. She then informed me of our time constraints. I picked her up according to her plan.

When we arrived to pay for tickets she literally took two steps back. I paid. When she wanted to eat at the most expensive restaurant, I chose the food court. I saw how far she would go and then did not go out again.

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