“Where did that hole come from?” By Chad Robert Parker

I have many talents, but I would not say I am a green thumb. Yet, I thought I would at least get to the planting part done before having any real troubles. I wanted to plant some tomatoes, but I didn’t have garden space. I’m certainly not a handyman, either, but I was intrigued by my dad’s square foot gardening project. Though I did not have much room on my balcony I figured I could start small with growing these vegetables in a gallon bucket.

My dad explained that the project would be really simple. I would just need to find some rocks, put in a ground dirt layer, and then some nicer soil to fill in the top. Oh, and I would want to drill some holes in the bottom to for some water and aeration flow.

You would think I would turn the bucket bottom up before drilling, but you would be wrong. Or maybe I would place something underneath like several layers of cardboard. I actually got a few holes put in without penetrating the carpet below. However, you guessed it, on my last drill I scuffed the carpet. Not smart, I know. I hated to admit how that blemish got there when my realtor mother helped me list the home. I’m not sure if I ever told her. At least the tomatoes turned out good.


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