“Tasting Before Wasting Pizza” By Chad Robert Parker

Every week I came up with an activity when I mentored two thirteen year old boys who were living in foster care. It was a nice break for them and it was a fun way to serve for me. I blindfolded each boy with a tie. They grinned with anticipation. Both were sure they could tell the better tasting between a Dominoes $7.99 pizza and a $5 Hot and Ready Little Caesar’s pizza. It made me laugh when they acted like it would be embarrassing to choose the cheaper of the two. Honestly, either one is about the same to me.

We were in a hurry to eat because we were hungry or I would have staged it better. I placed a couple slices in front of each boy. They could tell by the crust which was which. That made me laugh, too, because neither likes crust and they don’t eat it anyway. I had plenty of pizza since those guys raced each other for the slices of the pricey pizza, but didn’t want more of the other. I told them they would like it just fine if it were the only option.

It all reminded me of taking them to the dollar theater to watch Disney’s Monster’s and Aliens and then to an all-you-can-eat pizza place. One of the boys saw a sign explaining a $1 extra charge for uneaten crusts. I teased him that I was going to make him foot that bill if his plate wasn’t clean. When I stepped away to get more food his crusts disappeared, rolled up in napkins, stuffed in his pockets and down his pants, and he excused himself to the bathroom where he discarded his smuggled crusts into the garbage can. It was quite funny, but you could say that thirteen year old boys just don’t always have good taste. I left the establishment a dollar in the tip jar and we went on our way.

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