“No Repeat Customer” by Crystal (Bountiful, Utah)

During high school, I worked at a small family owned dry cleaner.  Most everyone who worked the counter were female high school students and being such we were called the “counter girls.” The counter girls dealt with customers, checked in the cloths, and ran the tills. Like most dry cleaners, they had a drive up with a sliding glass door and there were usually at least two working at a time.  So if there was more than one person at the drive up we could go out to help the next car while the first was also being helped.  We also keep the sliding glass door shut as much as possible.
Well this one afternoon a gentleman pulled up to the sliding door and he got out and came inside to be helped.  But being that there had also been other customers my fellow counter girl had been in and out and had shut it behind her the last time she had come in.  The poor, unsuspecting man turned to leave and full on walked in the glass door and I swear to you that that door bulged out a bit he hit it so hard.  We could not contain ourselves.  We were laughing so hard and could barely muster an “Are you okay?”  Not only that, but he also had left like a 5 inch face grease mark on the door! The girl that I was working with and I decided to leave the smudge there to see how long it would take for someone to notice and wipe it off.  Unfortunately I think the routine glass cleaning got to it before it lasted too long. But needless to say, we no longer saw him again, but we often would see his wife.
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