“No Movie is Worse than…” By Chad Robert Parker

The voice of the comic book guy on the Simpsons is swirling through my head, saying “Worst movie ever!” Usually if you ask me my opinion on what is my favorite this or what is the worst that, it might be a toss up, but not in this case. One movie stands out all on its own, “High Strung,” from 1991.

It may be one of those moments when you have to be there to really understand how bad it is. You might even feel tempted now to watch this movie. Don’t! Take my word for it. You know what it is like to keep watching something because you figure it just has to get better. It doesn’t! As I sat there watching this irritable guy complaining to the camera about anything and everything in the narrow scope of this film, including a fly flying around the room, I realized there was more entertainment in the boring room around me than was contained in the film. I lay there watching my brothers raised eyebrows and my mom asking us what the movie was about in between busying herself preparing food. We couldn’t even explain what the movie was about except to say he, the only person we had seen on screen, was waiting for something to happen at 8 o’clock. The plot is so lackluster that I can’t even explain to my friends just how far and away it is the worst movie I have ever sat through. Hint: Fast forward to the end. Something finally happens but its not worth waiting for in real time.

There is at least the disclaimer of a small budget, but this film is also the reason I can’t sit through most independent films unless they show early and often that they are different. Strangely enough Jim Carrey has a small role in “High Strung” in his early career. If I were him I would find all copies of this movie and destroy them out of existence. But hey, at least it gives this movie critic a definitive example of the worst movie I know of.

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