“Never Say Never” By Chad Robert Parker

I visited the Philippines 5 times in 3 years. Since most of my vacation time is around Christmas I missed out on having a white Christmas for those three years. Being single I didn’t really mind spending the actual Christmas Day in the airport. Besides spending time on tropical beaches is quality time off.

Truth be known I had a few different girlfriends from the Philippines through that time and I made a point of visiting whenever I could. After the relationship ended in 2013 I didn’t think I would be back. After the friendship never got off the ground in 2014 and then cancelling a three month stay for which I had already bought airplane tickets with the intent of investing more time person to person, I really thought I would not be back.

In 2014 you could say I had an unwritten New Year’s Resolution to not go back to the Philippines. They say you should write a goal down if you expect to keep it. Well, you guessed it…At the end of 2014 I was back in the Philippines spending time at Christmas getting to know my future wife’s family.

In 2015, however, I enjoyed a white Christmas with my lovely wife by my side. She has experienced a lot of firsts in America, which I enjoy experiencing with her. She has made all of the difficult experiences of my past, on the path to finding her, completely worth the challenge of any failed (or successful) resolution. We have loved facing challenges together, rather than facing Christmas apart.

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