“Natural Water Park” By Chad Robert Parker

My favorite vacation is easily Lake Powell, Utah. For a desert lake it is quite beautiful with plenty of outdoor enthusiast appeal. Though I came back with scorched skin and a horrible ear infection, accompanied by a splitting head ache to endure the entire 24 hour drive home, it was worth it.

My extended family rented a houseboat and our reunion with Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins was spent water skiing, cliff jumping, fishing and camping on the beach. The red rock cliffs are breathtaking and awe-inspiring. We were sure to check any cliff’s for outcroppings before jumping off of the 10-20 footers. We spent lots of time basking in clear waters and playing games with water toys. We loved exploring the many coves and paths. Yes, the lake is that big! It is a source of stories for a few firsts that I am sure will get recorded in other anecdotes here: a great adventure to be sure.

I think the water is down more and more but one of these years the family needs to get back together and relive that vacation. Spectacular!

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