“Nap Time” By Gaylene Call

I attended Kindergarten in the 60’s and had afternoon Kindergarten. In the 60’s we had our little braided rugs that we would get out, after they were rolled up and stored away and take naps. I hated naps and to this day I still hate taking naps. A lot of people love Sunday afternoons and look forward to the most anticipated nap. Not me!

I remember being 3-4 years old and hating naps. So to get out of having to take a nap I would drink my milk and graham really slow. This was done before nap time. The longer it took me to eat the graham crackers and drink the milk the less time I had to lay down and pretend to sleep.

This memory is so vivid to me even 50 years later because I hate naps. This was the most vivid memory of kindergarten to me. A lot has changed with how kindergarten is today and how it was in the 60’s.

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