“My Dragon ‘Frost Bite'” By Alura Baillargeon

In the cold frosty air, on one winter eve, there lived a small boy huddled under an opening to a cave. As the wind picked up, snow begun to swirl in flurries.

A full day had passed since I had arrived here and without the warmth of a fire I would probably have frozen a while back. Yet with no where to go, and no where I can go, if the frost don’t get me than starvation will. So unless someone finds me, I’ll slowly meet my doom. As I slowly wake from my sleeping stupor, I notice giant blue wings and a frost brownish copper body that had eyes as blue as the winter sky. As well as claws the size of a full grown man.

Then the creature spoke saying, “I am a mighty dragon called Frost Bite.” I heard in many legends about such creatures but never believed that I would see one in all my life. “Boy what is your name, and call me by mine for I am no creature. I told you my name , now use it,” she said.

That’s when I ask, “You can hear my thoughts?”

“Yes but only some boy, now your name?”

“It’s Mace, just that.” I said.

After that Frost Bite told me how I had magic in my veins, and how I could learn Dragon magic and from today on I’ll be taken care of by him, by a dragon. I know it sounds crazy yet I had no where to be or go so I live with this dragon called Frost Bite.

(This is a story I made up, pretending with my toy dragon, Frost Bite.).


(Story by permission of her mom).

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