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October 17 – 21:

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Editor’s Example:

Finicky Food” by Anecdoting.com

My family loves food with few exceptions. Lots of kids don’t like vegetables. I noticed that at school or when I babysat. My mom followed special diets when she looked after other’s kids on a regular basis. But no kid was as fussy as one little boy who stayed with us one day. I have never seen anything like it before or since.

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Last “Weekly Winner” & Featured Story:

Prompt: Detention

Too Late” by Anecdoting.com

A kid on the bus started to feel threatened by me to the point that he began toting a knife to school. There was something not quite right about that kid. (But that’s another story: See Bus Stopper). I happened to be sick the day he was planning on knifing me. Rather than escalate the conflict I decided to get a ride to school from my mom. She had been driving the stragglers who missed the bus more and more anyway.

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