“Car Seat Campers” By Kirsten Baillargeon

We were traveling from North Carolina to South Dakota for a Family Reunion. Due to our lack of funds we needed to camp each night. The first stop at my brother’s house was for 2 nights. So far the trip had been uneventful. Then we headed across Indiana. We crossed into Missouri with the intent of camping near Whitman Air Force Base. We showered at the gym and headed back off base after stopping at the Commissary to shop for groceries. After cooking dinner at the State Park, right off base, we settled in our tent to sleep.

Alura our 3 year old Daughter began to cry. We tried to comfort her. Still she cried. Finally we put her back into the car into her car seat. She promptly went to sleep. This was repeated every night of our drive. Upon arriving at our campsite and meeting up with the rest of the family Alura met her older cousins and her youngest uncle. Alura slept just fine but only in their tent with them.

Upon returning home, once again every night we stopped, Alura would cry until she was returned to her car seat. She wanted her “Wawy,” “Anroo” or “Dedee” these three who she would sleep and camp for.

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