“America’s Got Jugglers” By Chad Robert Parker

America’s Got Talent never seems to give enough credit to jugglers. One mistake, usually in the form of a dropped ball, and it’s all over. I like that this year a more artistic juggler¬†(sorry about the¬†outfit if you checked the link) does a rhythmic routine where drops are part of the natural motion and overall plan. He has been wowing the judges, and rightfully so. His talent and skill is amazing! Singers on the other hand can tell a story that supersedes being off-pitch. It’s much easier to make a comeback story.

I have juggled and I have sung in several different talent shows. Nothing big. The juggling has seen varying levels of appreciation. I like to juggle with eggs and then find a volunteer to catch an egg I throw at them to test that it is real. Of course, I have always hard-boiled the eggs just in case that person I choose in the crowd is not a very good catcher. Once I juggled raw eggs. That time I didn’t throw it into the crowd. The lights were especially bright that day and it is the closest I have come to dropping any eggs in my routine. I can juggle pins, and weighted knives or torches would not be much different for me. I can juggle three basketballs or eat an apple in between. And yet, no matter what you do in juggling it seems the audience always wants you to add one more item before it is ever good enough to beat out singing.

Singing is easier. I have practiced focused juggling for multiple hours a day for many days in my life. I sing casually, along with the car radio. I like karaoke. I suppose if I worked harder at it I would be more professional. But therein lies the kicker. When I sing on a stage at a talent show I get a lot more excitement out of the crowd. The last time I sang I had girls screaming the whole time and asking for my number later. I even had one girl who seemed to have written me off, showing interest once again. Sorry ladies, now I’m taken, and when I sing I dedicate the song to my lovely wife. It’s usually a private serenade.

Note (7/23/16): Check out the Juggler, Viktor Kee’s, latest performance. Inspired!


































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